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Autonomy Co

Autonomy Car Scent Cards | Essential Oils

Autonomy Car Scent Cards | Essential Oils

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Autonomy has re-invented the car scent experience with a product that features a blended essential oil that is sprayed onto an absorbent card and then hung from a headrest stem (not the rearview mirror!). The unisex scent features cedarwood, rosemary, juniper berry, lime, and a touch of cognac and is designed to compliment the interiors of some of the world's most beautiful cars.

The subtle scent will last for up to 7 days and can be topped up as needed. The entire product will keep your car fresh for more than a year.  

Product includes

  • 30ml of the signature blend of essential oils including cedarwood, juniper berry, rosemary, lime, and a touch of cognac.
  • Black storage box designed to store your product safely in your glove box
  • 10 x Autonomy scent cards
  • Re-useable kangaroo skin leather strap
  • Box dimensions: 155mm x 115mm x 22mm  
  • Product will last for up to 18 months 
  • Failsafe gift for any car lover 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Graham Cirson

Hey guys , just FYI , I purchased Car Scent Cards for a Family member’s birthday, she has told me that they are awesome

Aromatic Bliss

Such a delightful, aromatic with some of my favourite botanical scents. Subtle too, as I don't like heady scents in the car. This one is perfect. A unique gift too!


I absolutely love this product! Not only is the scent absolutely beautiful but it is so easy and handy to use. All I have to do is reapply the oil whenever I need. Also a great gift for an xmas prezzie!!


I absolutely love these scent cards. So much nicer than anything I've used before which smells synthetic and looks cheap. Love that idea of the seperate oil and cards so I can reapply whenever I need. Love!!

Thank you

We really love this scent, easy to use and often complemented. It’s made its way into our laundry too!!!!