The Summer of RoadBlock

The Summer of RoadBlock

Mitre10 Annandale stocks RoadBlock - Spider and Ant Automotive Treatment

Autonomy product, RoadBlock - Spider and Ant Automotive Treatment was launched in May last year - just a few weeks before the official start of Winter. It's now mid January and we have had a couple of months to see how buyers have used and embraced the product throughout peak spider and ant season in Australia. 

Huge thanks to the customers from around Australia who have purchased the product and shared their feedback via our website. This review below is typical of the comments received so far: 

"Fantastic customer service. Used product on all outside areas of the caravan. After 1 week, returned to the storage facility to check effectiveness of the product. Fantastic, NO spider webs or spiders in sight."

In addition to our online customers, we have extended our retail network over Summer to several online pest control businesses and more independent hardware stores including Mitre10 Annandale in Sydney (pictured).  

If you are a RoadBlock customer and have good or bad feedback to share, please email us at We would absolutely love to hear from you. 







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