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The Story of the Autonomy Scent Cards


The brief was re-invent the cliched car air freshener experience. I considered dozens of fancy solutions but ultimately wanted something that was simple, sustainable and beautiful with a modern scent that everyone would love. As a driver (and purist), I didn’t want anything that would obstruct my windscreen vision or clash with my interiors. I also didn’t want anything rattling around or interfering with my air vents. I just wanted a fresh and sophisticated fragrance to elevate my everyday drive.

The first thing to do was to develop a  scent. I knew it had to be of the highest quality, completely natural and formulated to compliment the interiors of some of the world’s most beautiful cars. It also had to be unisex, fresh, comforting and sophisticated. Basically – as far away from synthetic coconut and fairy floss as possible.

After months of testing, we settled on blend of essential oil which has notes of Juniper Berry, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Lime with a touch of cognac. We bottled the oil in the most perfect flat flask bottle that wouldn't roll around in the car. Users spray the oil onto cards which are all packaged together in a small black box and then tie them around their headrest stems - NOT the rear view mirror. They can top up the fragrance as they wish and the product lasts for up to two years. 

A perfect re-invention by Autonomy. 

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