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My Mum Gave Me A Scent Card | by Mardi Downing

Luxury car products? Nothing about my 2013 Mazda 3 screams luxury. Friends’ Maccas cups, sand lined seats and chewing gum wrappers scattered like an Easter egg hunt make it hard to justify investing in a ‘luxury’ perk up but halt the all or nothing mindset and trust me for a minute.

My mum came to visit me and among other motherly goods gifted with me with an Autonomy scent card. I am not going to say I had given up on my car, but it is more of a people mover than a constant upkeep in my life. I should spend a bit more time looking after it but right now I am not going to beat myself up for letting Albie go a little bit (Albie is the Mazda).

But after placing the scent card in my car Albie started to smell good, my friends started to comment and one day I even noticed my friend taking her Maccas Frozen Coke cup with her as she exited the car. Albie was gaining respect.

Whether or not it was Autonomy is debatable, but I think the little pride I was gaining in my car was rubbing off.  Autonomy is for everyone. It is luxury because it's a simple indulgence that is yours and is yours in the best of places.

If you're anything like me and have given up on the aesthetics of your car, don’t. Autonomy can work with a bit of sand and grit. It understands that greasy hands aren’t always caught before it’s too late and if anything, might stop you from letting the “Sorry I haven’t cleaned my car” fall back line stick around for too long.

A few products, a bit of commitment and …“Hey, let’s take my car tonight guys”.  It’s cool to care.


Please note - Autonomy Scent Cards are expected to arrive in late July 2022. Mardi (along with others) was given one of an early sample to test. We are pleased to say that the testing has been successful and the product is in the final stages of production. 

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