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Introducing Online Gifting

The act of giving is timeless but technology is helping us gift in more practical ways. This month, we are excited to launch our online gift service where customers can order for someone else and we take care of the wrapping and delivery on their behalf. 

For sales professionals this means no more running to the shops at the last minute before a delivery or carrying unnecessary stock. Simply pre-order your customer gifts for the month and we will take care of everything else. With our bundle box service, you can also customise a gift pack for each customer depending on their individual lifestyle or how much you appreciate their business or send to multiple addresses at the same time. 

GM John Gallico and his team at Volkswagen Castle Hill have been using Autonomy gifts in their business for almost a year. According to John "It's something different and the customers love it."  

Whether you are in the car industry looking to thank customers with industry related gifts or just someone wanting to splurge on family or friends, try our gift service and let us know what you think. Just in time for Father's Day too. 

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