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Gifts for Dad | The OG Uber Driver

Snuggling in the back of the car while dad chooses cheesy tunes is a comforting memory for any child. Hurtling through space and time in a tuna tin of togetherness. Road tripping with dad reeks of roadhouse indulgences and holiday stories of his childhood journeys “stuck to vinyl bench seats like chewy on your shoe”…

But Dad's a grownup now and he rolls on wheels worthy of luxury car accessories…which is handy when Father’s Day rolls around. Because dad is a car lover and a car gift is a dad gift.

What says I cherish our time together to the OG “Uber Driver” better than a bit of luxury for his car. Autonomy Luxury Car accessories will fill his tank this Fathers Day.

A leather covered phone charge cable will elevate and streamline his in car tech and a scented mist will tantalise his sophisticated olfactory system or help cover up the lingering scent of a bacon and egg roll or sweaty gym bag. 

A car blanket to bring to the game or throw over a sleeping passenger is going to give him the Boy Scout edge. That’s Dad….“always prepared.” Add a car cushion for a 5 star Dad rating.

Autonomy car comforts will make Dad smile whenever he gets behind the wheel. Father's Day in Australia this year is Sunday 4 September but who needs to wait until then.  


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