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Clear Out the Cobwebs with RoadBlock

If you’ve ever had a spider run across the inside of your windscreen when you’re driving, we have heard you scream. Our newest product, RoadBlock – Spider and Ant Automotive Treatment, is designed to keep spiders, ants and cobwebs out of vehicles.

According to our research, 78% of drivers have experienced a spider in their car, 79% have had problems with cobwebs, and a scary 23% have come close to having an accident after discovering a spider in their car.

Spiders are attracted to the warmth of engines and can often be found in the engine bay, door frames or on the underside of the car. They get startled by vibrations when the car gets moving. If this happens at high speed, it can be a dangerous distraction but even at low speed, it’s a lot of people’s worst nightmare.

As if a single arachnoid isn’t enough, spiders also have a habit of nesting in cars and leaving cobwebs around side windows, windshield wiper arms and door handles which can obstruct vision and be tricky to shift.

Meanwhile, anywhere there’s food, there’s ants - as parents of toddlers, and campervan and truck owners know only too well.  Ants are hard to get rid of and can lead to costly repairs if they manage to infest electrical systems.

RoadBlock has been tested and is safe to use on all automotive surfaces. Its 360-degree trigger nozzle with flip-up, straw applicator is designed to get into difficult to reach places on all types of vehicles including side mirrors, plate frames, wheel arches and door frames. The commercial grade formulation will prevent ants and spiders entering a car for up to three months so that a single can will treat a small car for a year or more. The product is also APVMA approved.

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