Clean Cars go Faster

Clean Cars go Faster

Clean cars go faster

It's not just a myth, they actually do. Not only do they go faster, they brake better, they sound better and negotiate traffic better. Even the music sounds better in a clean car.

Ubers also work better when they are clean. Not only are they instant mood lifters, they also seem arrive on time and take you exactly where you want to go.

This year, I caught an Uber to the airport in the most immaculate car I have ever had the pleasure of travelling in. When I commented, it didn't take much prompting for the driver to spill out his clean car secret with pride.  He said he had invested in a yearly unlimited wash package for years and used it everyday. Literally every day.

He said he used it so much that the team at Crystal Car Wash had attempted to challenge him on what they felt was abuse of the package but he came back with an underlined set of the terms and conditions and has continued his daily washing ritual. 

The point here is to take care and pride in your car and it will take care of you. The next time you are stuck for a gift, consider the simple but profoundly beautiful gift of a car wash. Whether it is from the pros at Crystal Car Wash or even a DIY job with a bucket and suds, there is no better feeling on the road than a clean car. 

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